Welcome to Champions Running Association! 


Champions Running Association (CRA) is a local area running group made up of runners in the Spring-Klein-Champions-Tomball-Cypress area here to get in better shape, make new friends, and maybe, just maybe, run a 5k, 10k, half marathon or full marathon.

CRA is an organization that will provide helpful seminars, great training schedules and the opportunity to run with others. Above all, the most important goal is to have fun out there while we're racking up the miles for the next race. The first step is getting out there and being as CRAy-CRAy as the rest of us who love running! 

If you're a first time runner or an experienced one, CRA provides a great running environment to help you achieve your goals. No matter your pace, no matter your race, the Champions Running Association is a family not made up of winners or losers, just CHAMPIONS!


Throughout our season, we will be leading runs from the new Kickerillo-Mischer trail next to St. Luke's Hospital-Vintage, Meyer Park, Collins Park and the Faulkey Gully trail.

Whether you're a new runner or an experienced runner, CRA is a great choice for your training. We have training programs and groups for walkers, 5K/10K, Half-marathons and Full marathons with great coaches leading the way.

With your membership comes:

  • 2 Technical Running Shirts

  • Bag of Running Goodies

  • Experienced Coaching

  • Supported Runs

  • Detailed Maps of Every Run

  • Professional Seminars

  • Great Running Family 

  • Lots of Moral Support

Our Fall 2019 season registration is open.  We hope you decide to join and expand our running family as we pound the pavement!


"In just 6 months of training I finished my first marathon"


"Running with the group was so easy and fun"


"I crossed the finish line on my first half-marathon"


Champions Running Association

Spring - Klein - Champions - Tomball - Cypress




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