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Champions Running Association (CRA) is a local area running group made up of runners in the Spring-Klein-Champions-Tomball-Cypress area here to get in better shape, make new friends, and maybe, just maybe, run a 5k, 10k, half marathon or full marathon.

CRA is an organization that will provide helpful seminars, great training schedules and the opportunity to run with others. Above all, the most important goal is to have fun out there while we're racking up the miles for the next race. The first step is getting out there and being as CRAy-CRAy as the rest of us who love running! 


If you're a first time runner or an experienced one, CRA provides a great running environment to help you achieve your goals. No matter your pace, no matter your race, the Champions Running Association is a family not made up of winners or losers, just CHAMPIONS!"


Daniel Dannug

Co-Organizer (RRCA Certified Coach)

How long you've been running? Since 2009

Why you Run? I was never a born runner, I never had a passion for it. But in 2009, I went to watch my then-girlfriend, now wife, run in the Aramco Half-Marathon and while waiting for her, I watched all the runners pass by. I saw young and old, big and small. The person that I am, I thought: "If they can do it? Why can't I?" I signed up for the Aramco half-marathon the following year and have been on the runner's high ever since. Running, for me is therapeutic and keeps me physically healthy. With running, there are so many ways to challenge yourself, whether it’s just to finish or hit a specific time. Having that goal to achieve is what keeps me motivated.

How you got involved in a running group and why it’s great: My first three years of running, I trained on my own and had google as my coach using training sites that I used for reference. I did what they recommended without knowing the reasoning behind it. I stuck with the programs and did fairly well, improving every year but I was starting to lose my motivation. I joined a running group the following year and not only did it re-motivate me but I also found myself being pushed harder than I would've on my own. I have a better understanding behind training programs and I walk away with new knowledge and new friends every year. There's nothing better than watching new runner's achieve something they didn't think was possible at the beginning and it’s great to see experienced runner's hit new personal records. Now, running is no longer just exercise, it’s a lifestyle.

Something about yourself: My wife, Leanne, and I are parents to Andrew (19), William Jude (2), Olivia Rose (1) and baby (coming in July!); and also to two fur-babies: Shipley and Charlie. By day, I'm a sports chiropractor/acupuncturist and owner of HealthPro Chiropractic and Acupuncture.

Doug Berry

Co-Organizer/Full Marathon Coach (RRCA Certified Coach)

How long you've been running: Since 2009


Why you Run? I got into running as a way to help me stay fit and to stay competitive in local triathlons. It has evolved into trail running, half-marathoning and Full Marathoning.


How you got involved in a running group and why it’s great: I spent 18 years racing a bicycle on a local/national and sometimes international basis. I have had many highlights doing so including a few state championships, 4 college conference titles and even qualifying to compete in the 2000 Olympic cycling trails. I’ve been fortunate to see a good portion of this globe while riding a bike. In 2004, I decided that I simply had enough and got out of the sport. Mostly because I tired of getting hit by cars while riding. I quickly gained 60lbs. I needed something new and also something that didn’t take up as much time as cycling. I chose running because I was terrible at it. When you do something that your body is not used to then it will shed weight fast. I joined a running club to keep my running honest and to have a goal of completing a marathon/half marathon. A running club made all the difference in the world simply because of the knowledge that you gain from experienced people. You learn what to do and what not to do really quick. It took a little time but I’ve learned to really love running. 


Something about yourself: I am a proud husband and father. Being a runner has taught me how to balance being a dad and an athlete. I am married to my wife, Brandi and a father to a boy (Ryan 10) and a Girl (Jenna 7). I am also a Vice-President, Creative Director at a commercial real state firm in Downtown Houston.

Akshat Sharma

Half- Marathon Coach (RRCA Certified Coach)

How long you've been running: Since 2006


Why you Run? I starting running as a way to get some exercise.  As I started going further and further distances to get that “runner’s high” I decided to sign up for a race.  That hooked me and made me to want to do it again and before I knew it I was lining up at the start line for a half-marathon!


How you got involved in a running group and why it’s great: I started running in a group to get a formal training program and confidence for running my first race.  After a few weeks I started to really enjoy the social aspect of running with other people and making new friends.  During the “off-season” I found it much more difficult to find the motivation to run, so kept coming back to a running group. 


Something about yourself: I enjoy playing other sports such as golf and tennis when I’m not out running.  During off-hours I work as an engineering manager at an industrial manufacturing company.

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