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Champions running association

Champions Running Association (CRA) is a local area running group made up of runners in the Spring-Klein-Champions-Tomball-Cypress area here to get in better shape, make new friends, and maybe, just maybe, run a 5k, 10k, half marathon or full marathon.

CRA is an organization that will provide helpful seminars, great training schedules and the opportunity to run with others. Above all, the most important goal is to have fun out there while we're racking up the miles for the next race. The first step is getting out there and being as CRAy-CRAy as the rest of us who love running! 


If you're a first time runner or an experienced one, CRA provides a great running environment to help you achieve your goals. No matter your pace, no matter your race, the Champions Running Association is a family not made up of winners or losers, just CHAMPIONS!"


Daniel Dannug

President, Co-Organizer (RRCA Certified Coach)

Coach Daniel helped co-found CRA back in 2017 after being involved in the running community for three years prior to CRA.

He’s been running for 11+ years and after hitting legacy status for the Aramco Half-Marathon, he’s turned his attention to the conquering the marathon.
By day, he is a sports chiropractor & acupuncturist and owner of HealthPro Chiropractic and Acupuncture @myhealthpro.chiro.htx
He seeks to grow the running community in this area and hopes to bring together  runners of all levels to push & motivate each other and achieve goals they once thought were unattainable.
When he’s not running, he enjoys family time with his wife, Leanne, and their kids


Sarah Nguyen

Membership Director (RRCA Certified Coach)

How long you've been running: Since 2003


Why you Run?  The reasoning behind “why I run” has changed through the years. My first half marathon in college was to “check it off the list”. I quickly got addicted and signed up for every race that I could. I loved the training and the runners high crossing that finish line. At one point in my life I had lost my dad to a car accident and my sister to breast cancer. Running was and continues to be my outlet to clear my mind. These days, running is my quick “get it done” workout to stay in shape for the next race or triathlon. The best way to start the day is with "me time" aka running time. 


How you got involved in a running group and why it’s great: I remember training for my first half with Hal Higdon’s training guide by myself. It got me to the finish line, but training was pretty lonely. For me, any distance over 3 miles can get pretty boring and my motivation tanks thinking about all the things I need to do or turning around to head home and eat! Joining a running group has challenged me to work harder and become more accountable in training the right way instead of winging it. I am thrilled to be part of a running group on the North side of Houston and love all the new friendships I've gained with people who love to run too!


Something about yourself: My day job is in marketing communications and customer experience for a retail electricity provider. My full-time job includes managing a family of five that loves it when I bring home donuts after a long run. My husband knows that I need to run to stay sane. My kids are 9, 8 and 4 years old.


James Wyatt

Marathon Coach (RRCA Certified Coach)

How long have you been running? Since 1995


Why you run? I started running purely for competitive reasons, but have come to enjoy just going for a run. Running is good for your heart,  your weight, and your sanity.

Something about yourself: Husband to Leah, dad to Olivia. Certified as an ACE, ASFA, YOGA, and RRCA trainer/coach. I race competitively as an elite OCR (obstacle course race) athlete, a OCR World and US champion competitor, a three time American Ninja Warrior, and owner Of BC Fitness.


Damon Foy

Marathon Assistant Coach (RRCA Certified Coach)

Coach Damon has always been a competitive athlete, while playing football on the high school, collegiate, and semi-professional levels. Coach Damon ran track in high school, while achieving several awards in the 200m dash and 4x100m relay. Coach Damon began his long distance running journey in 2016, after completely tearing his ACL and Meniscus, while playing flag football. Coach Damon placed 3rd in his first competitive race in 2017; only 7 months after reconstructive knee surgery.

Coach Damon is a first responder and the owner of SkillzFit @skillzfit365. Coach Damon possess a passion to motivate, inspire, and assist clients from non-athletic and athletic backgrounds to become a better version of themselves. Coach Damon’s personal accomplishments has provided him with an arsenal that will guide you successfully to the finish line. Coach Damon’s go-to saying “Little Steps!! Big Results!!”, which symbolizes any goal is attainable when consistent hard work is performed. When Coach Damon is not running, he loves to spend time with his family and travel.

Damon Foy_edited.jpg

Hector Ornelas

Half-Marathon Coach

How long you've been running: Since I could walk, but consistently since 2019.


Why you Run?  Growing up I was involved in just about every sport imaginable and loved running, unfortunately as I got older the love for running waned.  With the stresses of life both on my mental and physical state, I decided it was time to get back to running!  Running has been extremely therapeutic for me and with the support of I’m family I’m able to “lose myself” on the road.


How you got involved in a running group and why it’s great:  Back in 2010, I decided I was going to run a full marathon using google as my coach…boy was that a mistake.  I barley finished the race standing up and the experience resulted in me hanging up my shoes for a very long time!  Never one to be defeated, I decided I wanted to try my hand at another full marathon to celebrate my 40th birthday in 2020.  Having learned from my mistakes, I knew I needed help to reach my goals, but more importantly like-minded folks who would understand my struggles, who would challenge and hold me accountable, but more importantly motivate me to reach my goals.  As fate would have it, I found out about the Champions Running Association one night when I was complaining to my wife. When I signed up for CRA, I had no idea what to expect.  I assumed I’d meet a few folks, run and go home, and this could not have been further from the truth!  I’ve meet some amazing people in this group that I consider my run family and know I’ve made lifelong friendships. Joining this family (club) has been a godsend and I look forward to what the future holds. 



Something about yourself: I was born and raised in Spring, Tx and only left when I attended the University of Texas (Hook’Em) I’m the proud father of four amazing kids, Santiago (12), Gabriel (9), Sophia (7) and Lilianna (5).  When I’m not attending one of my kid’s activities, I love the outdoors (hunting, fishing and camping), I consider myself a pit master and love to watch sports. In my free time I moonlight as a General Manager for a local O&G company.

Hector Ornelas.jpg

Courtney Dugar

Half Marathon Assistant Coach (RRCA Certified Coach)

Coach Courtney has always been an active individual, but could not wrap her mind around people who just ran.  If it was not to chase some kind of ball then why do it??? In May of 2020 that all changed for her when she ran 2.23 miles in honor of Ahmaud Arbery without stopping. Running without bouncing a basketball at the same time,changed her perspective of the activity. The next day, she challenged herself to run 3 miles without stopping and cried tears of joy for accomplishing what she never thought she could. Coach Courtney joined the CRA Half Marathon group in August of 2020. She has since then ran 5 half marathons, earned over 50 medals, chosen has one of the 2022 Aramco Half Marathon Ambassadors, volunteered as a Girls on the Run coach while also inspiring anyone she meets with her story.


Coach Courtney is a full-time wife, mother, hydration sales representative and published author of her book InsYde Out Beauty.  Coach Courtney is an overall health advocate and desires to help people catapult into a higher version of themselves. But first it starts with finding and understanding your "Y" for the grind: insYde grind. When Coach Courtney is not running, she is spending time with family, outreach ministries or doing something active related. 

Courtney Dugar_edited.jpg

Stacy Norton

Walker Coach

How long have you been running? I started running in 2008 at the suggestion of a co – worker. She had read in a running magazine about the Inaugural Disney Princess Half Marathon and asked if I wanted to go.


Why I run:  I had never really had a structured exercise program until over the age of 40. As a busy OB/GYN, wife, and mother of 2, I just really never made exercise a priority.   After my co -worker’s suggestion, and the allure of a girl’s weekend at Disney, I went ahead and signed up for that first Princess Half Marathon.  We trained together, and after that race I had such a since of accomplishment, not to mention the very notable improved health benefits.  

How you got involved in a running group and why it’s great: I joined CRA because my husband is also a member.  We do not run at the same pace and I needed find others that I could train with.  I also find the accountability of having a group to support you and to hold you to your training plan vital to training success.  


Something about yourself:  Since my first race in 2009, I have had 3 separate cancer diagnosis.  At times, I cannot still run at the pace I would like. At other times, I can. There are great physical and emotional benefits of walking as well as running.  Being the walking group coach has allowed me to offer my medical and training knowledge to another group of athletes.  This group is one of the many ways CRA is the most diverse and all inclusive running groups in Houston!


Natalie Foster

5k Coach

How long have you been running: since 2014 


Why you run? I started running as a way to prove to myself I can do whatever I set my mind to. Competing as a collegiate tennis player, running, sprints, and hills were my least favorite part of practice days. One day, I had the crazy idea to run the Houston Half Marathon and step out of my 5k comfort zone. I signed up, panicked, researched programs, and ran my heart out every week. I crushed it and ran 2 more half marathons after the first and learned that I can do hard things when I put the hard work and effort in. 


How you got involved in a running group and why it’s great: Early Spring 2019 I reached out to CRA and inquired about 5k and 10k plans. They hosted a few social runs before the season started and I made some very fast friends that motivated me to come back out every Saturday. Once the season started, I was hooked! We are all RRCA certified coaches that care about the development of ALL runners, not just those in our specific group. I felt that not only my coach, Renee, but also the entire club wanted to see me succeed. At the end of my first season I won “Newcomer of the Year” for the 5k group and was asked to come back to help coach the 5k runners for 2020 with Coach Renee. When I first joined, I felt “slow”, “out of place”, and intimidated by all the athleticism. Now, after two seasons, I feel proud of my accomplishments, motivated, and ready to help others succeed!


Something about yourself:  I’m an International Sales Director at a software company that services the aviation industry, a fantasy and murder mystery book lover,  and Dog Mom to three rambunctions boys (Remi, Ruger, and Tucker) who are all learning to run with me. I love to get out and run as many 5ks as I can in the year, but my favorite part of the year is being on the cheer squad, in my blue tutu, sign in hand, cheering not only the CRA group, but every person who showed up to race that day. 


Renee Alfaro

Vice President, Treasurer (RRCA Certified Coach)

How long you've been running: Technically, since 2004.  Consistently, since 2012.


Why you Run? I began running after I happened to be at Walt Disney World during their marathon weekend in 2003.  After seeing “normal people” that looked like me running and FINISHING the marathon, I wanted to do it.  So, I began training in 2004 and ran my one (and only) marathon in 2005 to celebrate a milestone birthday.  After a long break from running, where I gained a ton of weight, I started running again in 2012.  Since then, I have run 5 half-marathons, 2 10K’s, a ten miler, and numerous 5K’s.  Although I previously used running as an excuse to travel and earn cool medals, I now run to improve my health.   


How you got involved in a running group and why it’s great: I could not have finished my marathon without joining a running group.  They taught me form, gave me a program I could follow, and best of all, encouragement.  After years of being sedentary, I rejoined the running club to hold me accountable for exercising.  I knew that if I missed a Saturday or two, the coach would be calling.  What initially began as a desire to rekindle my love of running and to perhaps run some 5K’s led me to running a 5K every month for a year (including July and August) and then getting back into endurance running.  Now I run as it is my outlet, and the excuse for me to see my friends (or, my Run Family).


Why Champions Running Association?  After being in another running club, which wasn’t fully meeting my needs, I was thrilled to join CRA in its inaugural season.  You will discover that we are a family.  Running is an individual sport…some are faster (or slower) than others.  But, at CRA, we celebrate every accomplishment.  From completing your first mile to setting a PR, we celebrate achievement of YOUR goals.


Something about yourself: I am a Contracts Advisor for the Mid-Africa region of a large energy company.  I am a Disney fanatic and love to travel.  When at home, I’m entertained by my two terrier mixes Phoebe and Penny. 



Akshat Sharma

Social Director, Webmaster (RRCA Certified Coach)

How long you've been running: Since 2006


Why you Run? I starting running as a way to get some exercise.  As I started going further and further distances to get that “runner’s high” I decided to sign up for a race.  That hooked me and made me to want to do it again and before I knew it I was lining up at the start line for a half-marathon!


How you got involved in a running group and why it’s great: I started running in a group to get a formal training program and confidence for running my first race.  After a few weeks I started to really enjoy the social aspect of running with other people and making new friends.  During the “off-season” I found it much more difficult to find the motivation to run, so kept coming back to a running group. 


Something about yourself: I enjoy playing other sports such as golf and tennis when I’m not out running.  During off-hours I work as an engineering manager at an industrial manufacturing company.


Chrissy Molloy

Full Marathon Assistant Coach (RRCA Certified Coach)

How long you've been running: Since January 2017



Why you Run? I started running to prove myself I could run a mile – I honestly never could in high school.  I did gymnastics as a pre-teen/teenager so my running included just sprinting to a vault.  I was going to the gym daily to work out so I figured I’d giving running a shot and very quickly became addicted.  It helps me to ease my anxiety and to refocus. 


How you got involved in a running group and why it’s great: Back in March of 2017, CRA had a vendor booth set up at my first 5K so I signed up to meet some other runners.  I love running with CRA mostly because of the great group of people that are in the club.  It makes it easy to get up on a Saturday morning to go for a run before getting the weekend started.


Something about yourself: When I'm not running, I am either working as a purchasing agent in the steel industry or homeschooling.  I have two amazing kids, Lily and Jake, who keep me busy both physically and mentally.

Chrissy Molloy_edited.jpg

Heather Blue

Half-Marathon Coach

How long have you been running: Since 2015


Why you run: My ‘why’ has evolved over time. Most of my life my attitude towards running was that it was only something I would do ‘if my life depended on it’ or ‘if I was being chased by a bear’.  When I started running, my ‘why’ was because I needed an activity/outlet that was versatile & affordable: something I could do that I could do alone, do anywhere, didn’t require special equipment, & would be a physical challenge. Today, I run as a way to stay healthy, both physically and mentally.


How you got involved in a running group & why it’s great: When I mentioned to my friend, Renee Alfaro, that I was struggling to find an outlet that would check the affordable/local/can do it solo but would be a way to meet new people boxes, she suggested a run club.  I was initially hesitant (remember, I hated even the idea of running), but with Renee’s suggestion & the encouragement of another friend, I decided to give it a try.  The run club gave me a program to follow, coaching support and a social group where I was able to work my way from off the couch to completing a half marathon.

Why Champions Running Association: What I most love about CRA is the supportive familial vibe. The club meets each member where he/she is at, with coaches genuinely supporting runners and walkers of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds, with different starting points and different goals.


Something about yourself: I’m regularly asked where I’m from and/or asked to repeat certain words as I have a drawl some folks aren’t accustomed to hearing (I’m proud to come from a long line of native Texans 😊). I enjoy meeting new people, making new friends and occasionally organizing ‘day/field trip’ runs outside of our typically CRA run routes.  When not working or running, you can typically find me enjoying time with my husband and our two dogs at a park or on a dog friendly restaurant patio.

Heather Blue.jpg

Robert Jones

Half Marathon Assistant Coach

How long have you been running: since 2019



Why do you run? I started running as a way to help me improve my health. Initially I viewed running as just a tool I used to burn calories and help me drop some pounds.  Thanks to CRA I learned to love running and enjoy the process of improving my abilities.  Running provides me with a time to clear my mind and relieve some stress in the process.


How you got involved in a running group and why it’s great: I was recruited to join Champions Running Association in September 2020 by my brother in law.  I had never run with other people before, but I am glad I gave it a chance.  Everyone I met was welcoming and supportive.  CRA introduced me to the social aspects of running and the awesome running community in Houston.  CRA is more than just a group of people who run together.  What makes CRA great are the other members, people who really support each other with running knowledge, encouragement, and companionship. Everyone is welcome in CRA no matter their experience or skill level.  I’ve found some amazing friends in the Champions run family! 


Something about yourself:  I grew up in the Houston area and graduated Baylor University (Sic’Em Bears!). I work as an attorney at a local law firm.  When I’m not working or running with CRA I enjoy spending time with my wife Sandy and my two daughters Grace and Reagan. 

Robert Jones_edited.jpg

Lorraine Bradford

10k Assistant Coach

How long have you been running? Consistently since 2017.


Why do you run?  I have always said that I run for my sanity & that is the truth!  I started running in 2017 as a way to clear my mind.  It is also a reminder to take better care of my body.  As a busy mom & working full time, running gives me time to reconnect with myself & some time to re-charge.


How you got involved in a running group?  And why it's great! I have been involved with CRA since 2017.  I have been running off and on most of my life. but never stuck with it consistently.  I thought being in a running club would help with that & it did!  I joined & began to run multiple times a week.  I competed in my first 5k in 2017.  That built up to multiple 5ks, multiple 10ks, & I completed my first half marathon in 2018!  Now running is big part of my fitness routine & I would not have gotten as far as I have without the support of my running club.  Everyone is so encouraging, pushing each other to meet the next goal.


Something about yourself:  I am a mom & recently became a grandma!  I work full time in a design & drafting position at a local company in the oil & gas industry.


Don Jones

5K Coach (RRCA Certified Coach)

How long have you been running: since 2019



Why do you run? I started running to improve my health and to see if I could even do any kind of distance running.  At the time I had a good amount of surgeries and health items, so I wanted to prove to myself that I could get back into shape and figured the easiest thing to do is go outside and start moving.  Since then, I haven't looked back and absolutely love getting out and running with the CRA group or on a solo run.


How you got involved in a running group and why it’s great: I got involved in CRA by an invitation from my brother-in-law, who is a member of the Marathon Group.  I figured I would start with the 5k Group since I was still a novice runner and had never really run with anyone in general before, let alone a "run group".  After meeting with the group and attending several runs, I was immediately attracted to running with a group of like minded folks and realized it was a great decision to join.  Being part of the group allows you to help others achieve some of their goals and it allows you to be part of a group that acts like one big supportive family that will always cheer you on and support you.



Something about yourself:  I'm an industrial diesel generator mechanic that works on very large generators that power everything from large retail stores, hospitals, data centers and more.  I'm a happily married man with a super supportive wife and four kids, one cat, one dog, and one pig, named Larry.  I enjoy getting out and running with folks, everything from a 5k to a half marathon, it's always fun to get out and hit the pavement, enjoy the run, and the company.

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